How to get back your love of volunteering for your club.

Volunteering for a youth club or organisation can be very rewarding but it does require your effort and time.

We know that time is precious and we created Online Club Manager to help volunteers and leaders of youth groups to be able to focus on doing what they love, delivering great programmes to their members.

By using Online Club Manager, you can save vast amounts of time by letting the system take care of all your administration so you can spend more time on running your programmes and having a social life!

Once you’ve set up your club on Online Club Manager, the only club admin you could be doing on a weekly basis is simply the group register.

Here’s just some ways the system can help you save time:

  • Easily plan your programme 
  • Easily manage your events
  • Get programme ideas contributed from over 15,000 club leaders
  • Automatically update your awards based on your programme and attendance register
  • Generate award stock and shopping lists 
  • Automatically share award progress with parents
  • Easily send emails and newsletters
  • Easily transfer members through the club
  • Easily manage your finances
  • Parents can pay you online – no more chasing them!
  • Share the workload with your fellow volunteers
  • And so much more!

Online Club Manager is the best value membership platform for all clubs, it will save you time, help you plan better programmes and so much more! 

We often have volunteers say that without our platform they would not have been able to continue volunteering. 

It is time to get your social life and love of volunteering back! Sign your club up for free here.

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