4 tips to help you grow your club!

Did you know using a membership platform can help with your club recruitment and retention? 

Here are our top tips on how to use a membership platform to help you grow your club:

  1. Save time and improve retention – Using a membership platform can automate processes and reduce the time spent on boring admin tasks. This saves valuable time so that you can focus on delivering your programmes.
  2. Programme planning to help member recruitment and retention – Using a membership platform can help you plan your programmes easily and generate session ideas. Giving quality programmes for members will lead to more enjoyable sessions and encourage members to stay with your club and help with recruitment by promoting it too!
  3. Parent communication for better engagement – Revolutionise communication with your parents by giving them online tools to see their details, helping to keep them organised and engaged. They can pay online saving the hassle of chasing money, they can see their child’s progression encouraging them to complete awards and share achievements, and they can keep important information like medical details updated themselves. 
  4. Easy access when it suits your people – By providing your parents and club leaders with a responsive membership platform, they can access the platform on the go and on their mobile, tablet or desktop. This makes it easier for them to see their part of your club at any time to suit them.

Using the right club membership platform can really help you to focus on delivering great services and programmes for your club members, and in turn, helping you to recruit and retain your members, leaders and volunteers helping you to grow.

Online Club Manager is the best value membership platform for all clubs, it can help you reduce admin, plan better programmes, communicate easily with parents and much more!

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