5 reasons your club should start taking payments online!

Taking your club payments online means you no longer have to have those awkward chats with your members or their parents chasing up money they owe you! 

Online Club Manager’s online payments functionality allows parents to easily pay you for everything from subscriptions to events, and the automatic reminders means less chasing them!

Here’s why it’s a quick, easy and secure way to manage your club payments:

  1. Your parents are always kept informed.
  2. System can also track cheques/cash.
  3. Integrates with the parent portal.
  4. Sends automatic reminders – no more chasing for you!
  5. Parents love it as they don’t have to remember to bring in money!

 “Finally, I no longer have cheques and cash turning up. Since implementing, subs “compliance” has gone up to 100%. At the start of meetings I now have time to talk to parents and prepare for the evening rather than trying to note down who is thrusting piles of notes at me. Parents pay online, our treasurer logs in and consolidates, I spend, simple!”

Dan, Youth Club Leader

Sign up to Online Club Manager or login and go to Group Admin > Online Payments for more information and start saving more time by taking your club payments online!

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