GDPR help for clubs.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) law applies to any organisation which collects and processes personal data, and this includes all types and sizes of club.

Online Club Manager can help you ensure you’re GDPR compliant by providing you with the tools to manage your data securely and allowing you to deal with data requests easily. 

Here’s some ways Online Club Manager can help:

  • One simple, secure, system – Having all your club information in one system will make your life easier, especially if you receive an information request. 
  • Communications – By using Online Club Manager tools such as email and SMS text messaging, you will have a log of all yours, and your leaders, communications.
  • Right to access – Your club members will now be able to request a copy of all the information you hold on them and you will need to provide it within 30 days of the request. With Online Club Manager, your leaders are easily able to download information about members when needed.
  • Right to erasure – Your club members will now be able to request you delete all personal data you hold on them. Online Club Manager allows you to delete personal data should you need to, including audit-trail/membership history views. 
  • Parent/Member Portal – Using the Online Club Manager parent portal, your parents can login and keep their data up-to-date for you.

You can find out more on our Security & GDPR information page, and there are some great guides and resources on the ICO website.

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