How to kick start your club marketing!

One of the most common way people will find your club is by researching you online, so it’s important you have a good online presence and a marketing plan to keep sharing your great club content. 

Here’s some of our top club marketing tips:

  • Website – Make sure your website is easy to use and easy to find. Top tip: You can use Google Ads to pay for digital adverts so that you show up in google results for search terms relating to your club. 
  • Waiting lists – Have a waiting list that members can sign up to, so that when you are ready to grow or have a space, it’s easy for you to fill. Top tip: You can sign up as a waiting list on Online Club Manager and link to it from your website!
  • Email newsletters – Keep your members updated and engaged with you by creating monthly email newsletters about all your latest club news. Top tip: You can use Online Club Manager‘s Newsletter Template functionality to easily design and send branded and optimised newsletters to your members.  
  • Social media – Just as members will search for your website, they will also search for you on social media. So it’s important to have a social presence for your club across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to share your club news. Top tip: Save time by managing your social accounts on a platform, such as Hootsuite, where you can auto schedule posts and respond to mentions in one system.
  • Reviews – Ask your members for reviews and ratings to help build trust in your club. Top tip: When you get a great review, make sure you share it across your social channels and on your website.

Online Club Manager can help with marketing your club by providing you with a platform to communicate with your members and manage your waiting lists. Sign up for free and get started today!

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